Happy Easter!

If you have ever had the reality of discovering how unqualified you are, or have had life throw you a curve ball so hard you are not sure you can continue to go, then this podcast is for you.  While we have all being resourced and ‘dna’ed’ by God to be the best of us, how we see ourselves and who we allow to speak over us can determine our quality of success or lack therefore.

At a time when we are in the middle a curve ball situation and wondering how we will rise or if we will rise, it is extremely important to take a few steps back and re-calibrate. It’s time to detoxify. It’s time to let go of those thoughts holding you down.  If you feel disqualified or unqualified, I’ve got good news for you: God is a specialist at using unqualified people. Reach out to Him and within and dig out the gold inside you!

On today’s show, you will learn:

• See how we allow unguarded thoughts to control and deter us from our purpose
• Learn never to allow anyone kill your dream or steal your voice.
• Recognise that you can make lemonades out of your bitter situation or circumstances
• Receive the courage to reach into your inner being and find strength.
• Learn to draw strength from all those who have gone ahead of you to reach your destination
• Learn that while you are not a fit for everything and everyone doesn’t mean you are a misfit in the world.

In the end, in God, the result is not as important as the intention.  While success is necessary, God truly is only interested in our obedience.  Therefore, even as life has hit you hard in the gut, you cannot afford to give up on this journey because regardless of what you see, you still Rise!

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Till next week, it is not what you went through that defines you, it is how you respond to what you went through.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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