They say that the journey of a lifetime begins with one step; my version of the saying anyway.  Now that you can see the future and are abreast of the steps you need to take, it is time to step out.
All that you need to do next, I promise is to take the first step and get to work on your vision. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is indeed simple but sadly, not many people get up and get to work. Some people are just satisfied with knowing that they have a vision and a plan. Taking the first steps requires energy, focus and consistency which all come together to birth momentum! This reminds me of a law of motion that says that everything remains in a state of inactivity till a force acts on it. Motion requires force or energy. This means that it doesn’t happen automatically, it is made to happen.

Understanding that it is not a wave of a wand is why I begin my day the evening before.  I try to imagine my day from the moment I wake up and I go through my activities in my mind.  Where it is required I anticipate the snags that may occur and I do my best to ensure that I am not caught unprepared.  In imagining, I also take into consideration who I need for that specific day and finally, I am content even before I step out knowing that all that is required from me is to give my best… so I go out and give it my best.  Then I review my day, encourage myself and plan to step out again the next day and the next and the next.  This is how greatness is achieved!  It is a combination of small steps that compound!
So, if you have made your plans, you need to get to work.  Don’t wait for external motivation, your vision is powerful enough to motivate you and keep you going. When it seems like you can’t go on, because those times happen; I know, just remember the source of your vision- GOD! He is right there with you and will carry you by Grace when the going gets tough!
Finally, don’t forget; even though it is the journey of a lifetime, you can only go one day at a time and while it is the journey of a thousand steps you can only take one step at a time.  Just keep at it.  It will all compound!
Embrace your Super Power,

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