Hello and welcome. It has been quiet on this page; I was travelling and tired at the same time, so I decided to give mental work some rest to recuperate. Anyhow, it is great to be back, especially as the year is coming to an end and some people are getting into the usual end of year funk already.
I have seen this cycle year in year out. As a matter of fact, I used to be in that cycle myself; when as the year begins to wind down, it seemed that I was winding down with it; depressed and totally dissatisfied with my life. (Thank God I used to be there!)
What baffles me however is how we go through it year after year without changing anything and expecting that at some point outcomes will be different. Not meaning to be rude; isn’t it said that it is … to do the same thing and expect different results? Well…?
So if you don’t like what you see every year end, if you don’t like how you feel every year end, isn’t it time to change what you do through the year so you can have a different year end? At least that was what I did, and for years now, I have overcome the end of year blues. You can too. You should try these…
1. Identify Behaviour – The first thing I did when I realised that my life spiralled into a constant depression every year was to deliberately identify why I was depressed. What I found out baffled even me. The major reason why I was depressed every end of year was because I set goals at the start of each year and never followed through, which meant that I was ending my year, feeling like I had not achieved anything. I committed to change my behaviour by following through on my plans; even if I had to ask for help to keep me accountable.
2. Break your plans into manageable bits – I also, realised that the reason why I didn’t followed through on anything was simple; I had neglected to break my plans into easier parts to handle. So rather than say to myself; ‘write a book in March’, I said to myself; ‘write a chapter every week starting in March’.
3. Write them down – This seems so simplistic and I can almost ‘see’ some eyes rolling asking me to give them something better. The truth is that I have come to realise from experience that when we are energised, we can say and hope to do a lot. The down side is that as long as we don’t write them down; at least for me, something else comes and overtakes them and I either completely forget or never get back to them again. Even more than that, when you write these things down,you can share them with others or even continue to amplify them for clarity until the right time to get them done.
4. Always Share with others – Every time I am determined not to break a promise to myself, I submit to another to hold me accountable. Even from the last quarter of the year, I begin to share with those who I know will remember to remind me and hold me accountable, what it is that I hope and will work on in the next year.
5. Of Course Pray – I am a person of faith and I cannot begin to emphasise enough the power of prayer. I actually believe that God has a way of energising us beyond our abilities when we commit our plans and ways to him. I also strongly believe that when we pray about something we receive divine strategy on how to take it from idea to reality. I have experienced God take what in my mind was complex and simplify it for me so that pursuing and achieving it wasn’t as difficult as I had envisaged.
The point of today’s post is simple; if you don’t like the way you feel at any particular time, then change what you do leading to that time and you will be amazed how your outcome can change.
Till next week, remember that your dream is for a life time and while you may have planned to get something done this year but you are yet to do it, the opportunity of a new year is a great one to do it. Whatever, you couldn’t do maybe you should consider a different approach in the new year, rather than be depressed and forget what you got to do.
Honestly, I didn’t get it all done either, but I am so grateful for how far God has brought me. Till next time, remember that you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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