I was watching the behind the scenes interview for the movie After Earth, starring Will Smith and his Son Jaden. In the middle of a particular scene, Will said to his son, ” danger is real but fear is a choice”… He went on to encourage him to stand his ground as standing his ground will reveal to him what power he possessed. The thing is, he was asking his son to stand his ground in a scene where he had wild jungle animals coming at him.
I went to sleep and couldn’t get that line out of my mind. I thought about all the stuff I have had to face and deal with in living my dream. I thought about some processes I started and when I realised how hard they were; I gave up and didn’t follow through. I remembered some other instances where I had no idea what the risk factor was until too late, and how when I pushed irrespective, I grew.
Then I think about where I am at today, all that I am trying to do to position myself for the next level of growth, and how after all the reviews sometimes, the only thing that comes to my mind is this is risky and as a matter of fact very dangerous. The truth is that for every sane man or woman pursuing a life dream especially when the top priority is people before profit; it is extremely important that you take your reviews very seriously and be truthful if what you are about to embark on is dangerous and risky. Just to be clear, the waters we swim in this pursuit are both dangerous and risky by the way.
After that is done, there is also the responsibility of determining how we will react to and with the information we now have. What I have learnt and what Will Smith was teaching his son in that scene of the movie After Earth is that our reactions in the face of risk and danger go a long way to determine how we will grow. What we see is real, but what we choose to do can unleash and release power we didn’t even realise we had.
The next time you are faced with a dangerous and risky scenario and you have to react, choose not to do so in fear. Growth only comes to the man who chooses not to act in fear. There is no telling how much power you can unleash for yourself, dream life and even for those around you, if you choose faith over fear.
Fear impedes growth and keeps one standing at the same spot and for all that God has put inside of you, you cannot afford to allow fear rob you of the opportunity to grow and do great things. Remember Risk is life, Danger is real, Fear is a choice and Growth is dependent on all three. Choose wisely.
You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success

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