Purpose University

Many years ago I was attacked by bouts of depression. Yes, I was so depressed that nothing gave me hope.

It would usually start in late September through December till January.

On the external I was all calm and collected. You know that situation when family members, church brethren and colleagues at the office see you as prim and proper, but are unaware of the turmoil beneath.

I was married, had a job and generally looked good, but inside, there was a part of me that constantly made me feel that I could be more. The voice within consistently yearned and cried for a bigger expression.


I yearned and yearned.


But then, there was a problem. What was it?

The problem was that I just couldn’t figure out what that cry was about. Not even knowing what to do about that made my life so frustrating.

I lived like that for many years. Then one day it seemed like the moon rose for me in the middle of the day. Someone told me I had a purpose. That was the streak of light that streamed into the darkness of my soul.

Then my search began. I began to discover what that purpose really meant and how to live it. I discovered that I wasn’t here on earth just as a statistic, but to execute a unique assignment.

The execution of that assignment turned me into ball of excitement. I woke everyday filled with unimaginable strength and vigour to hold down my day with passion.

Each time I hear some news about how a man hacked his wife to death over a little disagreement or how someone who is supposed to protect the commonwealth of a people squanders it, my mind runs around a lot of reasons for why it is so.

One of the causes points overwhelmingly to something very essential – purpose. When the purpose of a thing isn’t understood, abuse becomes inevitable.

Many bankers aren’t actually supposed to be bankers. Many lawyers are supposed to be scientists working to unveil great inventions that can propel humanity forward.

When people who don’t understand their purpose in life, they transfer this misunderstanding to managing whatever is put into their hands. They stain businesses, careers and even infect the church with dangerous doctrines.(Better


I knew I had to do something about these happenings.


I began to reach out and help others.

I started my blog and began to teach. I started to do podcasts and help people find their own paths.

I want to ask you a few questions.

Are you still thinking that at your age, you don’t have anything to live for?

What are the fears that have held you bound?

What are those things that have made you feel you’re no good?

What’s keeping you awake at night?




The truth is that life is not lived by magic. You have to live intentionally.

That’s why I birthed the dream called PURPOSE UNIVERSITY.




Isn’t it good that you found your purpose by applying a series of step by step strategies?

Won’t it be lovely that you guided by a heart of love like mine to undergo a series of trainings that are meant to shape you appropriately to win your life’s challenges just like trained athletes?

It was the late Muhammad Ali that said, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

Muhammad Ali lived intentionally and won his fights. We don’t want you to live your life based on “sharp sharp” strategies. We desire that you base it on something sustainable and lasting.


PURPOSE UNIVERSITY is that gym that is needed to prepare you to dance in the lights of success.


It was Muhammad Ali that also said, “Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision.”


PURPOSE UNIVERSITY has been designed to help you elicit that desire, implant that dream and clarify what your vision is.


PURPOSE UNIVERSITY will exposed you to lots of strategies that will help you focus keenly on that which you will commit your energies to and do it with the whole of your heart.


PURPOSE UNIVERSITY will help you gain clarity every step of the way as you live the different phases of your life.


It has been designed in a way that’s engaging, conversational, simple-to-consume, and relational in a way that’s not burdensome.

In all honesty, it’s a very powerful experience. It’s the school to be in if you desire that your life is worth its while.


Imagine a school that helps you to journey into your self and get to know that thing within you that is your real core. That is what PURPOSE UNIVERSITY seeks to do for you!


Imagine a school that will help you to walk into your spirit and unravel what your DNA is. That is what PURPOSE UNIVERSITY is set to help you do.


Imagine a school that will help you step out so that the world can begin to acknowledge that indeed you’re in the world and living.  That is what PURPOSE UNIVERSITY is set to help you become.


We want help you not to feel like a fish out of water anymore and become truly relevant to your world.


In addition, you will also have access to a phenomenal Facebook communitywhere a close communal existence will be built amongst members of PURPOSE UNIVERSITY. That’s lovely, isn’t it?



PURPOSE UNIVERSITY is like no other. Our principles are firmly entrenched in the supernatural system that is designed by God. All we do are based on His infallible word because we love you.



To become a member of PURPOSE UNIVERSITYrequires that you take the following steps.


Step 1 : Purchase of a 5-part video teaching pack. It’s a teaching series packed with remarkable introductory lessons that will give you a feel of how the university will run. This teaching pack is paid for once and for life.

This pack costs N25,000. By purchasing it, you gain entry into PURPOSE UNIVERSITY. This pack is the ticket to enter the university.

Please make payment into :

Bank : United Bank for Africa.

 Account Name : Verbatim Communications.

 Account Number : 1017388626.


Step 2 : After payment, send an email with the heading “Registration for PURPOSE UNIVERSITY” to bidemi@bidemimarkmordi.com.


Step 3 :  As soon as payment is made, you shall receive a book which will serve as the first part of the toolkit for PURPOSE UNIVERSITY (with study instructions).

Thereafter, we will send you the release schedule for the videos which will prepare you for the videos in the 5-part video teaching pack. Subsequently, the videos will be released to you one in two days .


The videos are :

Part 1 : CRY FOR MORE.






In the videos are 5 different modules that will set you on the path to experience what it truly means to discover purpose and to start living it.

 Step 4 : After the duration of one month in PURPOSE UNIVERSITY, your membership is subject to the payment of a monthly subscription of N3000.


That will sustain your access to all the monthly resources within the university.

At N3000 a month, that’s a super deal. A year’s sum of N36,000 is a super duper deal.


PURPOSE UNIVERSITY will give you the tools that can help you to live the remarkable life you’ve always wanted to live.



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