Have you ever wondered what it will be like to be asked by God to return what He had called you to Him not because you are not good at it but simply because you have made a success of it?  We run with Purpose like it is our birthright and it is, however, because our employer and boss doesn’t think the way we do, He can demand we return that which we are given mid way.

I have thought through this and I promise you that I know I will require an huge attitude adjustment to obey Him in that way, but I do know it is a possibility and I am hoping you will take time to consider it too and be prepared for it should it happen to you.  What adjustment do I require should this happen to me?

a.  It will help if I never forget that I am just a servant who can be deployed however, my boss wishes.

b.  If you have made a success of something and you are asked to give it away remember, you didn’t own it in the first place. We are only custodians.

c.  The mere fact that you have built something great out of nothing should give you the confidence that you can recreate this all over again.

d.  Finally, never forget, success is determined by the one who set the agenda and not you.  It might just be that all He had set you up for was to see if you will pass the test of handing it over in due season.

I do know that we get emotionally attached to the things we have poured ourselves into for years, but the fact is worth considering that in the end, it is not what you do or how long that matters but to ensure that we are in the place of obedience each time.  So yes, you have built it hard and long, but if it is time be bold and joyfully step aside.  Obedience is better than sacrifice!  I will like to hear what you think, connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  All handles @BidemiMarkMordi


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