Waiting around for purpose to finally happen? Most people think purpose is a particular thing for a particular time, yet miss out on the action. However, Purpose is a compendium and not a one-off event.  Purpose is the entirety of our lives: what we do daily, the people we meet, places we go and the opportunities and challenges that come our way. They all come together to make our purpose.

What are you waiting for? Start living purpose today.

On today’s podcast, you will learn:

• That every single thing matters including what you are doing now so don’t sit around
doing nothing.
That even though what you are doing now doesn’t look like much, it may be the foundation
and take off point for your big assignment.
• How to connect your seasons and make each one count.
• That God is not looking for perfect people but those who are willing to be stretched by Him.
• The importance of reflective thinking and how to ask yourself important questions.
• How to take each step or season seriously and use it as preparation for the next.

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Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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