Relationships form part of the Bridge that takes us from discovery of Purpose to the fulfilment of Purpose. My relationship with my mother fills the role of a bridge perfectly, not because of what I did, but more because of how committed she has been to me.

Relationships are pivotal to the fulfilment of destiny and we are all created to connect and without the right relationships, we definitely cannot fulfil purpose. Purpose is not fulfilled in isolation or aloneness, God wants us to connect and reach out to other people. He also wants us to clearly recognise, accept and appreciate the roles those He has placed in our lives for our purpose play.

This podcast episode shines the light on relationships and purpose. It enumerates objective and practical ways or to assess your current relationships.

In this podcast, you will:

• Realise the importance of people  – the roles they play in the fulfilment of your purpose.
• Recognise that you are a gift to someone and someone needs you to fulfil their purpose.
• Discover how to discern the right relationships and evaluate them.
• Develop a strong commitment to people you have been called to.

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