Do you know the potential of your potential?  Each one of us has being put on earth as an ambassador of heaven and our responsibility is to rule on behalf of heaven.  However, because every potential is in seed form and in the raw, we mostly don’t make the requisite investment to bring about the greatness within us.

In this episode you will:

  • Know how to get to the place where we recognise our potential, and give our potential the opportunity of a full life.
  • See the importance of talking about where you’re going with your potential so everything around you may begin to align with it.
  • Know that there’s a place of sharing what you see with the right people who can help you refine it.
  • Understand that nobody can deliver on their potential except they submit to discipline.
  • Discover the need to find the right soil to sow the seed of your potential into, and the need to nurture it.
  • Realise that the importance of patience cannot be over-emphasized in the journey to greatness.
  • Realise that nothing worth pushing happens suddenly.

Rulership is about productivity and potential is the seed for productivity and once you have no production, you cannot rule. Your potential is the seed that you need to process so that you can produce and by production you will begin to rule your piece of the earth. As your eyes open to your potential and you realise how powerful you are  and by that manifested power you are bound to represent God well.

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