Welcome, how is your appraisal going? I cannot honestly say that I am enjoying the way mine is going at all. Major and difficult decisions are staring me in the face; everything is uncomfortable, but if change will come then a girl is got to do what a girl is got to do…
That said, I find myself slipping into fantasy land and all that I can see is a ‘perfect’ business terrain; where everything works and hard decisions are not part of life. In fantasy land I see highly skilled, committed and resourceful staff. I see clients and customers chasing us with their money, I see that our capacity is increased in such a way that we under promise, over deliver and that automatically generates more leads and more business for us. I see a business terrain where the system works, government is able to provide an enabling environment and we don’t have to worry about a thing.
Great picture don’t you think? The only issue with it is that it is fantasy land. So I am back to reality this Monday morning and seeing how far my reality is from my fantasy I am quick to ask myself, will we ever attain this perfection? And even though everything cries yes within me, I recognise that the answer is NO; because perfection is over rated.
Two weeks ago I was facilitating for a sister on developing confidence and I told the group that perfection was over rated as even the human body has its imperfections. Someone said to me that it didn’t apply to her, because her body was perfect in proportion, (she is still young and has no idea yet) and I told her so.
So if I am appraising and looking forward to change yet perfection is not the goal, then what is? You might ask. Well, I will take anything better than what I have now… but that sounds desperate doesn’t it? yes I know, but thankfully I also have some steps I should follow and here they are:
1. Be Available and Committed – No matter how I feel about this appraisal, my first plan of action is to show up every day, committed and willing to unlearn, relearn or learn whatever I need to. I will do no ostrich, I will not bury my head and pretend, but I will show up every day until I see the change that I want.
2. Do What You Have To Do – I will not only show up, I will ask for help where I need it, I will be willing to get my hands dirty. I will look those tough and hard decisions in the face and make them, and I will keep making them until I am confident in what I see, even if it is not perfect.
3. Trust The Process – I know partly how I got here. I heard about processes and I felt some of them were too complex or elaborate for what we are doing. Some I thought were not needful and some I felt were too expensive for our size. However, I see now that processes have their place and while I will rather not deal that way, they are there for a reason. In essence I will submit to the process for change and I will follow through.
4. Understand You Cannot Control The Outcome – Since processes are meant to deliver certain outcomes, it will be helpful if we understand that the only thing that controls the outcome is the process itself. I cannot control the outcome, unless I submit to the process and follow through. You cannot either, our best bet is to submit and trust that when we do what is required then the outcome we seek will come to us.
So yes, you may decide to summon courage and join in this quest for change; you may have begun your appraisals and don’t like what you see. You may have slipped into fantasy land like I did, please note that perfection is not the goal, for perfection defers from one to another. What you should push is to ensure that you see the picture of success that you envision in your mind. Ensure that your process deliver the results that are required for where you are at and keep working at it.
Finally, not even the best economies or terrains are perfect; the players tailor them to deliver the outcomes they seek. You can find your fit too, and even if it is not perfect, it will deliver your outcome.
Here is to your success!

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