Success comes at a price; living the life of your dreams will cost you money, energy, relationships, etc. To have the life you desire, sacrifices have to be made and sometimes these can be costly. For example, building a world-class business will require that you quit doing things at your convenience and giving one hundred percent every time. This does not mean that you cannot have fun or enjoy yourself as you journey towards success

but it does mean that you will have to do a few things; actually a lot of things you don’t quite enjoy for a season.

The proof of desire is pursuit; this means that you can tell how badly you want a thing by looking at how much you’re willing to do or give to have it. How badly do you want a successful life? What are you willing to give up to go up? Answering these questions will lead you to decide if this is a journey of a lifetime or simply a stroll.

You also cannot settle. The reality of this journey is that it can be tough and challenging but it is that reality that gives the thrill and high we seek as well. While this journey is anout arriving somewhere ultimately, it is helpful yo recognise that the experience on your way there is just as important, if not more important. When you settle, you live below capacity; you subject yourself to a life of limitations and frustrations; you are practically at the mercy of life with no control over your outcome. I believe that we were made for more than that. We have the power to choose the quality of life we would have.

Today, I am hoping you will decide ahead of 2018 that you will count the cost, pay the price and give it your very best shot. Can I also encourage you that you will not labour in vain? Your blessings will manifest.

Embrace your Super Power,

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