Hi and welcome to NeverTheLess.
It is my belief that regardless of what we might face and deal with, God is faithful to ensure we find light at the end of our tunnel.
Like I mentioned last week, there are some very exciting changes coming to this page. First, I will do my best to post twice a week, starting this week. The first post of the week will be a blog post and the subject matter will range from what I may be dealing with, to what is trending or what I learn in the process of my spiritual/life walk. The second post will be a podcast dedicated to Organic Leaders and Leaderpreneurs chronicling my journey as one.
I promise that if you stay with me we will have a lot of fun while growing together. You may also want to look out for our YouTube teachings Destiny Adventures with BMM. They promise to be both informative and impactful. Once we release we will let you know.
On today’s post I want us to take a look at Patterns and how they affect our lives in every area. I recently saw the movie The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Taking into account recent happenings across the US about racism, terrorism in the world and in my country Nigeria re politics; one thing stands out and it is PATTERNS and how they shape and affect our lives.
The more I watched and listened, the more I was convinced on every front that the answer is in breaking the patterns that have brought us into the disrepair we are dealing with today; as well as ensuring that we maintain and retain those that have held us up over the course of life.
At the end of the movie; The Butler, we see the character played by Whitaker join his son in protesting apartheid and that began the breaking of the pattern that has kept him estranged from his son over a long period of time for him. The last scene shows him in the White House upon the swearing in of a black POTUS.
Just two weeks ago, a collaboration of the church in the United States made up of every race gathered in Dallas Texas at the Potters House to break the pattern of segregation within the church.
Recently in Paris, everyone got out to speak with one voice against terrorism and to break its pattern in the name of religion, with most contending that this had nothing to do with religion… and as we are on the subject of patterns let’s not forget the Arab Spring of 2011.
In Nigeria, even the pattern is shifting and breaking in our political arena. We have seen in this dispensation an increasing awareness in the polity than at any other time in history. We are witnessing alliances and collaborations different in all ways from the patterns we were used to.
In the end while I agree that we have a long way to go, I cannot help but say that we are off to a good start on all fronts.
So tell me, in your life and business what patterns are worth holding fast to? Which ones have outlived their usefulness and must be discarded?
Here is the thing: everything thrives on a pattern or method. Even madness has a method to it.
So looking for success this year? Maybe all you need to do is change the patterns that have held you bound, while holding tight to those that have enhanced and strengthened your journey.
Do you agree? Tell me about your patterns and the ones you need to break or keep. Leave me a comment on my Facebook page.
No matter what happens this year as regards the patterns of your life hold on to the confidence that you will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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