On the journey to destiny, every one of us on our own is limited but together we pull a greater force. A Partnership relationship  is one that affords you the opportunity to collaborate or come together with greater wealth of experience, skills and abilities to achieve a certain or specific  goal.
While every relationship has an element of partnership, not all partnerships evolve into deep level relationships. As partners are quite different from Confidants, Comrades and Constituents, you need to know the rules that apply when entering into a partnership relationship to be able to transact well.
The question is: how do you pick your partners? How do you conduct yourself around them? What are the rules?

Find out more in today’s podcast where you will:

• Understand who partners are
• Learn how to recognise or choose your partners
• Realise that every relationship has an element of partnership but every partnership is not every other kind of relationship.
• Learn that partnerships are not friendships
• Get to know the hindrances to partnership
• Glean wisdom on how to transact with partners

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