Have you ever wondered why there is Pain in the world?  Do you sometimes feel like Pain is calculated to make you give up?  What if we tweak that mindset and perspective to recognise that pain has a purpose and that pain is both an indicator that we are alive and we are growing?

Of what use might pain be to me?  What can I do about the pain I deal with right now?  All these questions and more are the focus of today’s show.  You will quickly learn that some are in peril today just because they lack the capacity to feel pain.   In the final analysis, if you hold on, I promise that pain will not overwhelm you, instead it will strengthen and enhance you.  After all, we are refined in the furnace of affliction!

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I will definitely love to hear from you.  Remember, regardless of what you face, don’t allow your pain to go to waste!

Embrace Your Super Power!



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