I have heard it said that the Chinese character for crisis is the same for opportunity. Recently, someone asked me to share on this podcast the different indicators of purpose. She wanted to know how to identify something that might point her towards her purpose. In my chat with her, I realised that her purpose had been staring her in the face all this time but because it had presented as a crisis, she had not been able to see the opportunity within it.

Pain is a part of our everyday life. It’s not punishment, neither is it always a consequence of sin. Pain, sometimes can be God’s way of getting your attention or getting you to see through the lens of what other people can’t see or are going through. Whatever your adversity or pain, you can plug it into purpose. God can use it!
If you’ve ever been through pain before, then your pain exactly qualifies you as a candidate for purpose and this podcast is for you.

From today’s podcast, you will:

• Learn that pain or adversity are for a purpose
• Discover how to discern your purpose in pain/adversity and how to birth it
• Realise that your pain qualifies you to help others in the same adversity
• Understand that pain does not take away your purpose instead it can birth it.
• Find out how to take advantage of pain as a growing process.
• Learn that God sometimes uses pain to get our attention

For more on Irene Olumese’s story, please click here.

For a full transcript of this podcast, click here to download.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!


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