I was very good at whining and murmuring over the fact that one person or the other was ‘using’ me. I used to love to play the underdog and thought it was meant to get me sympathy or … Anyway, I got really good at playing the underdog game which meant someone else was always to blame for what my life was becoming.
But then the day came and it dawned on me that no one but myself was responsible for what I was becoming. It dawned on me that even the best and cleverest of us will be used by another. It quickly dawned on me that no one ever existed who wasn’t used and no one ever was used didn’t benefit something in the end.
What we call being used are learning experiences; and what that means is that as long as we define the situation correctly before we embarked on the journey, we should be able to categorically see what we benefit even from the position where we feel like someone is using us.
Next time you are getting in a relationship where you might feel like the underdog, remember to ask yourself what you can gain from the situation? I know for instance that one of the things I have gained in my underdog positions is to leverage on the experiences of the top dog. Soaking in everything they know has saved me a lot of money and time in enrolling in the course.
Another thing you are likely to benefit if you act in a disciplined and befitting manner is access to other top dogs. So you see it is not as bad as you think… and who is to tell that those other top dogs will not see something in you that will make them want to relate with you as an equal or someone on his way?
Again, the underdog is only so because he sees himself as one… even if he can’t fight or play like the top dog; he can at least learn fighting tricks from him.
From where I sit; I think the cup is half full rather than half empty… it is usually a matter of perspective.
No matter how you see yourself today; I know though that there is room for you at the top. You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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