Recently, I was having a conversation with someone, and while it was intense, it was meant to clarify the journey for both of us.  As the conversation progressed, I kept hearing her say ‘that is my truth.’  At first, the line registered as ‘that is the truth,’ which meant I responded by saying it wasn’t the truth.  Each time, I countered to say, it wasn’t the truth; she got a bit more upset, and she pushed harder to register her opinion. The vehemence with which she did, made me keep quiet to really hear her.

That was then it dawned on me that she wasn’t talking to me about the truth, she was talking to me about her truth.  I had to stop and listen more intently, and I realised that she wasn’t keen on The Truth but Her Truth.  This conversation highlighted for me something that I had always known but not paid attention to lately, which was that every side had a version of the truth depending on what they faced or their perspective.

When it comes to living a life of Purpose,   no one person’s truth is your truth.  That you have the same gift does not mean you must manifest and use it the same way. There is Your Truth; based on your other peculiarities, experiences, and perspective, just as there is My Truth, based on the same parameters.  Then there is Our truth, which captures the aspects that can be termed universal, and of course, The truth as God ordained it.

The sweetest spot for you is to ascertain what Your Truth is, about The Truth, and step up to the plate and live from this core as best as you can.  When you get the grasp of this understanding, the pressure to perform as much as the other person or the feeling that you are not enough begins to erode.  As this starts to happen, your confidence grows, and you are better equipped and empowered to birth the You that all of Creation awaits.

True freedom is found in owning Your Truth, stepping up to the plate to ensure it does not deviate from The Truth and living powerfully from that core.  When all is said and done, that is where your super power resides.

So receive permission today; own Your Truth and recognise that it is no less valid than mine. Just the same way I should step up to the plate, own My Truth and be free to be me.

Till next week

Embrace Your Superpower!


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