Welcome to a brand new 2017.  Today is my first work day, and it is not a first work day after two or three weeks but a first day in four whole months.  I have not been at my desk in four months to think through my business or give thought to processes and life within Verbatim.  No, I was not ill,  but the time came for me to step back and reassess the journey and I did.  A few life issues cropped up along the way but thank God I was able to find my way back.So this morning it was with some excitement and a bit of trepidation that I got into my car and drove to the office.  Of course, I was within the premises even last Saturday, but that didn’t change the fact that I had been away from the doing of it for what seemed like a lifetime and getting back to it again may require some adjustment, but you know what? I am willing to make all the required changes, and I am willing to give it another hard push.

You may want to ask me why I stepped away if I was going to come back to it after so long and why didn’t I just bear the pain of where I was? My answer is simple…my heart would not stop singing! I didn’t step away because I was doing the wrong thing I stepped away because the way I was getting it done was no longer working.  I didn’t step away because I got a new vision, I stepped away because the vision I had pursued for years was beginning to overwhelm me, and it was clear I would not be able to deliver on anything if I didn’t detoxify and get perspective.  Even though it took four months in my estimation, those four months were worth it.

What did I learn in this time?

  1.  If it is in your DNA, your heart will never stop singing.  So if you can’t shake it off, then it must be your heart singing.
  2. If your heart sings, you can never shut it down.  Despite the pain of the last season, you only get rest if you respond to the song of your heart.
  3. Responding to your heart opens the door for new support and new support comes with new insight. That is bound to help you.
  4. Even as you enlist again to dance to the rhythm of your heart singing, be clear what you learnt the last time.

So here I am not just starting, but resetting. Like before, I am not sure what the details of this new adventure will be like, but I pray that my heart does not stop singing and I pray that I find the grace to dance to the rhythm of my heart song.

Tell me, what is the outlook for your year? Did you reset or are you continuing from the last season?  No matter your peculiarity, my prayer for you is that your heart will continue to sing and that as your heart sings you will be bold to step up and dance to the song only you can hear.

Welcome to 2017, may your eyes see what your heart says.

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Embrace your Superpower!


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