I have heard it said that we don’t need to dwell in the past if we want to move forward. I have even said it myself that a man who is constantly looking backwards will not make any movement forward or might find himself in a crash. All these are still true; especially when we understand the context within which the advice is given.
However, considering that we are already in the second day of the final month in December, 2013 and effectively we have less than a month into the New Year, it is indeed important that we begin to prepare for the New Year. I find that even if the only thing I do is to take time and access the year gone past, I am able to do better in the New Year.
This is why I believe strongly that if you will have a great 2014, then as forward looking as you want to be; your first step is to take a look back at 2013 to determine how you want 2014 to unfold for you. The reason this is strong belief for me is because, to move forward I have come to learn that I must be certain what I am moving from.
If you will take the time to access your 2013, you will definitely learn valuable lessons on how to excel in the New Year. Here are some of things you are likely to gain clarity on:
1.As the essence of looking back isn’t to beat ourselves up, the first learning should be to see how far from 2012 we have come in 2013 and pat ourselve in the back. Because even when we are yet to reach the mark we had set for ourselves, we most definitely have come a long way; at least that is what I find common to all dream chasers. So look back and celebrate your progress thus far.
2.Secondly, looking back affords us the opportunity to ascertain what tripped us should we have tripped or what was responsible for the successes we have had. This learning helps us either avoid the trips or repeat the success pattern. Either way, we will be better for it, don’t you think?
3.The third reason why we need to look back is to be able to ascertain how we faired with what we had whether in human resource or otherwise. As we all know, no man is able to move to another level without the input of others. Taking a critical look at what you had through 2013 and how you deployed it and the gain or otherwise of using it that way helps clarify your needs for the New Year. Depending on what direction you want your dream to go in 2014, you may find that you require more of something and less of another as I have realised looking back.
The point of today’s post is simple; an African proverb says to avoid falling at the same spot, a wise man needs to find out what causes him to trip at that spot. To ensure that 2014 turns out different from 2013, it is extremely important that you take the time to reflect on how you did in 2013.
This one time, it is a comfort for me to know that if I looked back, it will actually work out for me; so stop the car, it is time to look back. I do know that this time of reflection can only bring us more success in the new year; NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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