Hello guys, sorry posts have been sporadic, I have been travelling and had good intentions to post as at when due, but I didn’t count on jet lags and the disruptions to schedules when you are in a new environment and need to adapt.
Having said that, I have had a really great time since the travels began, I have had the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places and forge new relationships.
I will want to give a great big shout out to my new family at The Tower of Refuge International Church, in Geneva, Switzerland. You guys are just a joy to be around… thanks so much for taking such good care of myself and Mark. We definitely are looking forward to coming back again soon.
Thanks to my Sistas in the Dallas area and all the new friends I have made. (More details and pictures on this trip will follow when I return home). For now please accept my deepest gratitude; I appreciation you all.
On today’s post I want to talk on some random stuff I have learned or have been reminded of as we have travelled.
1. PURPOSE – I found that whether in Nigeria, London, Geneva or the United States, we all want to know why we are here on earth. There was not one individual I met who didn’t express the desire to live a purposeful life. I see so much yearning and hunger to know and understand purpose; yet I also see so many who are confused with the quest. My antidote? Keep doing what you know to do, where you are right now and it will all come together in time.
2. DREAMS – From the cab driver to the waiter who served us at the restaurant, everyone we met has a dream in their heart. Some I had the opportunity to seat down with, others; only a minute to encourage them to hold on to their dreams… I quickly recognised that every man is on a journey to live a dream life. My take is no matter how ridiculous your dream may sound to others, you owe yourself the responsibility of stepping out to do it. There is no special way to step out. Just get out there and it will become clearer as you do.
3. RELEVANCE – I picked up on the fact that the quest for Purpose, the dreams in the heart are all geared towards finding a place where we each are relevant. Every man and woman I have had the opportunity to speak to while on this trip is looking for a place to plug in, fill a void, meet a need and find fulfilment. This had made me wonder why there is still so much need in the world, seeing that we are all happy to enlist in the army of relevance. So what do I think? Every little thing we do each day is important and is gradually moving something or someone else into their place. You are relevant wherever you are. Be grateful and be glad.
4. INTENTIONALITY – So if everyone I came across yearns to fulfil purpose, if everyone I have met has a dream, if everyone I have had the opportunity to meet is looking for a place of relevance to plug in, why on earth is everyone still craving? How come over time, we all are not plugged into some place and filling a void? Well, because I also realised that somehow, most people seek out purpose, most people dream, some even find a way they can be relevant but very few people are intentional about how they will conduct their lives daily to ensure that those agitations come true. Get up, make that plan and be intentional about following through.
5. FEAR OF FAILURE – Finally, I also learnt that from the man in Lagos, to the guy in London to the young lady in Geneva to so many others in Dallas, we all have some kind of fear, but most prevalent is the fear of failure. We all want to live our dreams purposefully, we all want to be intentional about how we plug in and are relevant in our societies; but we all are so afraid of failure that only a few of us actually step out to confront the fear and try to live our dream life. My take? Fear is not going to ever leave you alone so just get up and do it even as you are quaking in your boots!
So, in all these what is my final take? We are a lot more alike than we are different. Boundaries may divide, language may distinguish and race and colour may differentiate; in the end we all are just the same; looking for a way to live our lives as an expression of our God and who He has called us to be.
Look beyond the differences and the fears and just step out because no matter what the guy sitting beside you looks like; he is on a journey too… he is trying to find himself.
You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success.

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