Sounds a little odd right? I mean, I’m pretty sure the message hitting you from all corners on social media is that you need to start looking into 2018 and begin putting things in place in order to make it better than this year. Now, inasmuch as I agree with all these, they do not form the focus of this post today. If you’d like to get information about how to envision, plan for, work and have the life of your dreams next year, check out my posts from November. I wrote a whole series on that.

Today, I want you to be conscious of the fact that the year 2017 is not over yet. We still have over 3 weeks left. What does this mean. you may ask? It means that you still have sometime to finish what you started and finish strong. It means that the things that seem scattered now can still come together into a cohesive whole for you. It means that those things that are still undone can wrap up beautifully. The year is not over yet; do not be too quick to “count your losses” and move on.

You see, December is like the crown of the year. A crown is usually the last thing worn in the royal attire. The fact that it comes last doesn’t make it any less important than the robes or the shoes. In fact, the crown is the mark of royalty and rulership. These remaining days in the year can be same for you. Don’t move on just yet.

You can have incredible and defining moments this month but if you’re so worked up about the next year, you’d miss out on them. This does not mean that you should not plan and envision but it does mean that you can still have great experiences that make the year even greater if you would live in the moment and expect awesome things to happen in your life this month.

What do you think?

Embrace your Super Power,

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