I was watching my little niece Rukewe this week, as she ran to me in church every service time to give me a hug, compliment my shoes or wristwatch and then go on to show me her own shoes or wristwatch. At the end of each service she comes back to me and says “Big Mama, I am going to home now”. I hug her and tell her bye and we part with ‘I love you’.
Just observing her, how she has grown and how she walks up to me to say to me ‘please ‘carry’ me’, I realised that she was growing! She knows what she wants; she no longer wants only her Mother to ‘carry’ her, unlike before she is actually now friendly and walks up to people to have a conversation! All these she couldn’t and wouldn’t do just a year ago!
This same week, I finally also stepped out of my cocoon to put out there something I had worked on for a while yet had refused to put out there and share with those who might benefit from it. I set out my training service for Project DNA.
What did I realise that I had in common with Rukewe? Well she is fast leaving the infancy stage of life behind, just like I am in my dream life finally letting go of infancy and attempting to boldly step out even if only as an adolescent.
Living the dream is great fun because we started by doing what we love and believe we are on earth to do. Only snag is at some point we begin to realise that what we love is fast losing its fun side and gradually becoming work. This begins to happen as the bills begin to pile, and we begin to realise that passion can only take us so far…
At this stage like Rukewe, we begin to realise that the world consists of a lot more people than Mommy and some of them actually do have something Mommy doesn’t have. And like Rukewe if we want to enjoy the benefits of a great dream life, we begin to step out of our comfort zone and extend our network… there is always that uncle or aunty who does not mind scooping us in their arms when Mommy isn’t inclined to and bingo! We realise, even though this is our dream life; we are not meant to live it in isolation.
So I invite you to come share and enjoy my dream life, join me in the journey of discovering, resourcing and living your dream life.
Contact us at or 08029056642 for group trainings or individual coaching on Project DNA. The most important question of your life is to be able to answer ‘Why Am I Here?’.
I am here so you can answer that question. Now let me help you move from infancy to knowing why you are.
Together we will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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