Years ago, before I knew what I now know, I went for a job interview. I really wanted this job, it was infact my dream job at the time. So I studied and did everything I should do so that I will be picked for the job. At the final stage of the interview, we were down to just two people…I was pretty sure I had nailed it… and in the end, I really did nail it. The only snag was I had a really young child at home and the decision makers were not sure I would be able to handle the hours and still take care of three children; one of whom was under four months. So I wasn’t picked.
To say that I was devastated is to say the least. But I was, I really wanted those people to pick me. After that, I waited for months and I never even came close to being picked again and I was becoming dejected. Those around me kept telling me I had a gift for writing and maybe I should consider picking myself… I wasn’t sure that was a good idea though.
Eventually, years passed and no one picked me still so I decided to pick myself. At that point I realised that though it felt good to be picked by others, it was not the greatest place to be picked. I got up that day and picked myself. It was one of the most difficult decisions to make. Simply because a lot of people wanted to know why I thought I qualified to be picked even by me. Others wanted me to convince them that it was confidence and not arrogance that made me pick me.
Years later, with lots of sleepless nights and still counting, I am glad I picked me. Picking me gave me the liberty to dream exactly the way I wanted; in living colour. Picking me has also given me the opportunity to be able to pick a few others… and lastly, picking me more than anything else has now made me the choice of many to pick in different ways and capacities.
The thing with picking yourself is that you will have to make sacrifices and you will have to work harder than if you were picked by another. The issue with picking yourself is that there is a high risk of failing and being held responsible for failing. However, picking yourself allows you to be free and allows you to become a change agent; maybe to find a way to pick others without having to keep them holding their breath for too long.
By far the most beautiful thing is when you pick yourself, you know exactly what you are getting and you will have no one to hold should things fail… but did you ever consider that you will not fail, instead you will succeed?
Before you pick yourself however, pick yourself for what you know you can do… not what others tell you to do. Isn’t that one of the points of picking yourself? So you can have creative rights and liberty? It was why I picked me. Plus, those you are waiting to pick you today, must have picked themselves at some point. Do you get it? Your dream life is still your best life and it begins when you know for yourself that you can pick yourself.
Are you still waiting for others to pick you? Maybe they will pay attention to you if you first picked yourself. They do pay attention to me now… and for even better levels.
I believe you can do this and even more… get up and pick yourself. You are full of greatness. Let me know how it goes for you.
Here is to your success.

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