“Happy New Year Bidemi”


I deliberately didn’t send you any message yesterday because I didn’t want to be the Susie downer so early in your year… but I am aware it is kind of my responsibility to keep you ‘woke’. So… Welcome to 2018, your year of… I definitely don’t need to fill those blanks for you, I am aware that you have that together to the last detail!

For over two weeks, I decided to take a vacation from my life as I know it. I changed locations, left work behind, didn’t take more than five telephone calls in that time, didn’t do much of any kind of reading, didn’t even socialize much. I had my family with me, we fed on take out half of the time and the other half my Sista graciously fed us…it was a life I could get used to.

In all that time though, I had a niggling feeling that while the vacation lasted and was fun, it was not my life!

You see my real life is intense; full of studying and teaching time, laden with trying to save the world and just being responsible! No wonder, at the tail end of the vacation, I began to feel like I would rather not come back to my real life and I tell you, that pull was real! Then I heard that tiny voice of reason, reason I would rather not engage; and it simply whispered, “it is not a suspended reality!” Hmmmm, what a burst! Then I took a look at my Facebook news feed, my WhatsApp messages and I realized that most of us were caught in that moment of suspended realities… yes, it is a New Year, but you see, no declaration will change life as it is. Declarations are simply a pull of hope to show us what can happen. However, for what we see to materialize, there is a need for a plan and a need to work both smart and hard.

So, at the risk of being that person who threw a wrench in the works of your fun. Don’t take an extended holiday proclaiming, instead now that you know what life holds for 2018, get up and go get your own.

I believe in what you have heard, I know it is God, and I know it has a process, so go find it and let’s work this thing to the ground!

Need help with that plan? Then contact me, I am able to help you.

Once again, a very Happy New Year to you… regardless of how I have made you feel, it is still a Happy New Year!

Embrace your Super Power.


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