Is your current location your God-ordained one? While you may be excited, comfortable, frustrated or even confused about your present location, one thing I can tell you for sure is that purpose is not all about your comfort; it is about delivering glory to God and delivering on what He has called you to do.

Today’s podcast answers questions on how to discern if your present location is where you are meant to be,  how to ascertain your purpose if it is the right place and how to transition to your place of purpose if that’s not where you are.

In this podcast, you will

• Find that location is part of your purpose.
• Help you discover your God-ordained or Purpose-location by identifying the specific
indicators you should look out for.
• Discover that the more unfavourable the condition in a particular location is sometimes, the
closer you are to your purpose.
• Also find out that an inability to leave your current location may be God’s purpose in disguise
• Learn how to transit or connect to your Purpose-location.

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Till next week

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