The dream life is not a bed of roses. Things happen as you try to push your dream. Sometimes we get stuck halfway through or completely reach a dead end. When this happens, our reaction or response is just as critical as what we do.

So what will your response be? Will you give up or continue to push your dreams? In pushing what is your best considered option?  Adaption, Course Redirection or Course Correction?  Whichever, works for you; the most important decision today is to decide that you will stick with the journey regardless.  Make that decision NOW!

Today’s show will open your eyes to the reality of messy middle in the journey of life and prepare you to make intelligent decisions at such times. On today’s show, you will:

  • Learn what to do when you get into messy middles
  • Examine messy middles happen and what to do when you find yourself there
  • Be challenged to think through your decisions clearly and maneuver extenuating circumstances.
  • Realise how the power of self-encouragement can help you bounce back when setbacks come.
  • Learn practical steps to deal with your messy middles

In all these do not forget to pat yourself in the back, after all, you are still in the game. That you have a dream or in its pursuit shows that you are a strong person and this is an achievement worth celebrating. So make it a point to celebrate that.  Just as I celebrate you;  fellow dreamer!

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