In an economy where everything is taken a downturn worldwide, suffice to say, one source of income is no longer enough.  consequently, everyone is looking for a way out or at least some supplementary income.  However, most people are looking for this supplementary income outside themselves rather than look inward and let rivers of living water flow forth from their bellies.

On today’s show we look at how to earn with your gift in four different ways.  Most of us are gifted in various ways and the first step always is the need to identify our dominant gift.  Your dominant gift is that gift that others may struggle to use but comes to you a lot more easily than your other gifts.   When you start using that one gift to solve problems and provide solutions that people need, you’ll be amazed at how much that one gift can fetch you.

Four streams of income, simply put, is the ability to take one thing you’re producing and deploy it in different directions. That one gift is more than enough to make you wealthy.

The essence of today’s Show is so that you can…

  • Learn that you have to produce with your gift; invest in it and take it to the point where people are willing to pay for it.
  • Know the importance of making other people aware of the product and services you can render.
  • Volunteer in places where your gift is required and ultimately improve on that gift.
  • Invest in self-development and training that will help transition your gift to a skill.
  • Identify those who are hungry for what you have.
  • Discern how many ways you can use your individual gift

In the end, remember that because it’s one gift doesn’t mean it has to be deployed in one direction. For a full transcript of today’s show please click here to download.  To leave a comment or ask a question follow this link.

Till next week

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