To be able to win once in a while is a joy because not so many people win at all.  However, consistency in any endeavour is how masters are differentiated from amateurs.  What makes one a master of an art and the other an amateur is found not in secrets but in the principles they master and transact or live by.

While I will readily agree that not everyone is ‘genius’ to win every single time, we all can learn the art and science of winning consistently.  The question I seek to answer today is; ‘How do we build capacity for a consistent win?’  I have outlined below seven things that every potential master must imbibe and exhibit.  Here is how…

  1.  Remain Connected to your roots.
  2. Stay Hungry
  3. Retain and Maintain your brand identity
  4. Hold tight to your people capital
  5. Rest and Refuel to avoid burnout
  6. Do what you are optimised for and stay in your lane
  7. DARE, winning doesn’t just happen.  It is given to those who dare.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Embrace Your Super Power!



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