God gives us dreams, assignments and visions but He doesn’t expect us to go about accomplishing them anyhow. He gives patterns for each assignment. Sometimes we become so excited about what He’s called us to do that we don’t remember or bother to ask for the pattern. We simply rush out and start building.

Are patterns important, what have they got to do with the things God has called us to build?  Instructions are key to following the pattern God wants us to use, which is why He releases instructions as required and because He has called us to build different things, He doesn’t expect us to duplicate another person’s pattern.

Have you discovered the assignment that is unique to you? If you have, how are you building? Did you remember to ask for patterns specific to your assignment?

Today’s Show will open your eyes to what to do when it comes to building with patterns. This includes;

  • The need to see what God is saying to you.
  • The importance of understanding the pattern.
  • How when you see what God is saying to you, you should be able to translate them into pictures.
  • The need to stick to the standard God has given you even when others come with different suggestions of “better” ways to build.
  • How the right pattern makes building easier for you.

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    I guess the time is ripe to give this testimony.
    It’s been a new experience/begining after the ROTH 2016.
    It was indeed a Re-birth and am happy to inform you that God has done marvelous things in my life and he has since not stop working .
    My life has never remain the same again am working in the newness of life, power and in miracles.
    Please Praise the Lord for me.
    God is great!!!.

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