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This week’s post is late; I am sorry. I have been so busy out of the office that it has been practically impossible to plan and record this podcast. Don’t worry this will not become a pattern, I am working on some scientific way to work around my busy schedule, so I am able to bring this your way as and when due.
Last week I received an email response to the post; ‘9 Ways to Recognise Your Best Use’. The respondent wanted to know how one can exercise their love for best use, when the clear need for the moment is to be able to earn extra income for his family.
Consequently, I thought to use the opportunity of this week’s podcast to address the issue of those who have had to take employment not in their best use at all because of the financial needs of their family.
First off, I applaud your courage and commitment to be able to provide for your household. I am sure they appreciate what you do. It is my prayer that one day soon, you will be able to go off and do exactly what you love and bring to your generation the value of your best use. It takes courage to go every day to a job you don’t quite love because of your commitment to provide. So please be proud of that accomplishment.
So what can you do to ensure that you don’t lose or diminish the capacity of your best use? What should you do so you can remain in the running for your dream life while waiting for this season to pass? Here are a few tips that might help.
1. Identify your best life or use. What this means is take the test, be sure what it is you want to do when your situation improves. It is not enough to know what you are doing is not your best use; you need to be sure what your best use is.
2. Design your best life, as if you can experience it today. Take the time to think through how you want to live your best life. What you will do with your best use. Identify those whose lives will become better because of what you do. Take the time to write that business plan or do as much research as is possible to empower you even though it is not time for you to launch out. What this brings to you is the benefit of preparation for the day that opportunity shows up on your doorstep. Count the cost, be sure that you one day want to go it alone and keep your eyes open for when that day comes.
3. Get a bridge job – A bridge job is a job that prepares and transitions you from a job to live a dream. My recommendation is that you take one in the industry where you want to pursue your best use. If you love working with children, find a job in the child care industry or get a teaching job. These days more and more employers are open to the option of working part time; to see if you can moonlight on your own variant of the dream. It is important that your bridge job is in the same field as where you want to live your best use for the following reasons:
First it will afford you the opportunity to see up close how dreams such as the one you want to chase are run. Secondly, it keeps you relevant and affords you the opportunity of utilising your gift in the area of your best use. All this will in the end help you achieve the benefit of leverage and charting a career path that you can reference later.
4. Look out for opportunities within the job to express your gift in the way you hope to do when you begin to live your best use for yourself. What this means is you are quick to bring creativity and innovation to what you are doing for someone else. Now the tendency here is that people in bridge jobs refuse to divulge their ideas to the establishment where they work in the hope that when they leave the employment they can implement them. While this sounds logical, it can be the greatest potential downer that there is. My take is as long as you have creative ideas you can put them forth even on the bridge job to test the idea and to give you the opportunity of hands on experience as well as insight on how to improve upon it when you ultimately strike out on your own.
5. Recognise that even though you want to live your best life you can begin deploying your best use in a job situation. Not all best use is deployed as an entrepreneur. If you need the money and you don’t have the capacity to strike out on your own, don’t feel like you have to go it alone, bring your innovative ideas to an organisation that is already set up and pitch it as a value add for you. If you get buy in, the organisation gets better, and you receive the monetary reward that you require or desire.
Please note that not everyone has to go it alone, or set up a business, and it is futile to insist you will work for anyone because you want to live life from your sweet spot; though you cannot afford to strike out on your own. Remember that what your best use is about is not where it is deployed but how it is utilised.
You will make it NeverTheLess.

Here is to your success!

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