In the quest to discover Purpose, you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned.  What opens one man’s eyes to purpose differs for another even when they have been called to similar journeys.  While for some people it could be just one of these indicators, for others it could be a combination of more than one.

On the podcast today, we look at another very important indicator of Purpose; our history or personal experiences over time.  It is my belief that God doesn’t waste experiences so whatever He allows us to go through He usually is able to use.

If you are still wondering what your purpose is or if what you already know is true or not, it is my hope that today’s podcast will shed some more light on your journey to a powerful life.

In this podcast you will:

• Discover how your to trace your purpose using your history.

• Be able to connect the dots from events and incidents you hitherto saw as unrelated.

• Learn not to discount your experiences but take advantage of them to reflect your purpose.

• Understand that you can only discover your purpose but can’t create one for yourself.

•  Learn how to take use your current experiences to birth the future

• Ascertain for a fact that your life is a journey somewhere and not a set of sporadic unrelated events.

For a full transcript of today’s podcast, please click here for download link.

Your life is not an accident make sure you use it well.

Discover Purpose, Live Powerful!




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