Welcome! This promises to be another great week.

How do I know this? Well, I am old enough to realise finally that if I want something hard enough and I work extremely hard at it, my chance of getting what I want is higher than usual. So I know it is going to be a great week because I am stepping out to give it my all and make it happen. This is how I know…

My two younger children just went back to school after their half term holiday, and we spent most of the break ensuring that they push further in their preparation for a better second half term. We also spent time looking beyond academics to other interests that can enhance their lives in the future. My daughter who is signed up for a photography class in school had the opportunity of a 2-day stint with a professional photographer and she did take some really great shots. Her brother and his friend were her models…this speaks to preparing for the future.

In addition, KK turned 17 this Saturday and while he is also on his half term break; he didn’t come home. Instead, he spent the time with his other family in Geneva; the Olumeses. We deliberately agreed to send him to Geneva because we recognise that he needs others to be the best version of himself. We choose to send him to the Olumeses because we know God has great plans for his life and we were absolutely confident that the Olumeses could teach him a thing or two that we may not be able to. This speaks to Collaboration.

That same Saturday, I had the opportunity to share with a group of women who want the best for their lives and households. We focused on God’s order for the home and a woman’s role within that order. We also took time to explore what we should look out for in opportunity. It was a great time sharing, and this speaks to my commitment to my lifework.

Yesterday in church, I taught the second part of the series, Understanding Kingdom Culture. Our focus was on learning the rules of engagement in God’s kingdom so we can transact successfully within it. My assurance is that most of us present now have a new understanding that Christianity is not a religious exercise but a lifestyle governed by boundaries, parameters and responsibilities chock-full of rewards and advancement, if we understand the terms and conditions and we transact with them. This speaks to spiritual foundations and growth.

Having spent my week and weekend this way, while also dispensing my many other duties and professional responsibilities, why won’t I step into a week expecting greatness to happen to me?

Friends, I now understand that waiting around for greatness without stepping out to meet it is like the proverbial waiting for Godot. It is the same thing for you. A life that will bring you to great places and experiences is that life lived intentionally and with expectations. It is a journey paved with sacrifices today to reap tomorrow. It is a life lived together with others; bringing value to their lives and opening ourselves to take from theirs.

This is a life of constant sowing… you can only get what you want if you push to make a pattern of continuously living like this.

So tell me, how are you living today to prepare for tomorrow?

Whatever you choose to do, my confidence is you will make it NeverTheLess.

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  1. I’ve so missed reading these blogs, so I’m having a mega catch up session now. So purposeful, so insightful, how could you help but succeed and help others to succeed along the way?

    Blessings dear sister.

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