The time between when you dreamt and reality; when you struggle to remember what the dream was about. Have you even been there? I mean; you received a conviction in your heart that this is what you should be doing, and you went all out to do it. You even told yourself so many times that even if no one believed in you and your vision, you will not give up.
And yes, you didn’t give up. You have kept at it irrespective of all the challenges that you have had to face, you have kept at it! You have even recorded some wins, not significant victories, but some ‘wins’ regardless. These boosted your confidence and made you recognise that you made the right decision to do this; they have kept you going like the fuel in a car will keep the car going.
However, it has been a while; since you experienced that kind of win… it has been some months. The thing is everyone you have spoken to have told you that the dream path is exactly like that; sometimes you are likely to hit a dry spell. So you tell yourself, this is a dry spell and will pass. However, no one remembered to tell you that sometimes dry spells can last for months… so now you are worried. Hmmmm.
As if that isn’t enough, you have now recorded a couple of disasters, that the client didn’t pay, that vendor messed up the job, that staff quit, hmmm, you now have to deal with not only dry spells but a few disasters. Before long you wake up and wonder, to what end? It is becoming too difficult, maybe today you should take it easy, it is just so hard to keep going, especially as the fuel is running out, and the car is beginning to ‘stutter’… it doesn’t seem like you will get to your destination…
Well, to what end? Excellent question! One you must answer if you will ever go back to the dream. To what end? The question you don’t ask so you can find an excuse to quit, but you ask so you can find a reason to keep going.
Dream land is a great place to dwell and operate from, however, dream land comes with so many valleys that it can be scary to live in sometimes. Asking yourself what is the point; helps remind you why you started out. Asking yourself to what end gives you a reason to believe again in your dream, asking yourself to what end, can even point you to your previous successes again and help you stay the course.
More importantly, asking yourself to what end helps you reconnect with the feeling of urgency and fulfilment that can come from living the dream life. And that becomes fuel for your car to keep travelling the road, until somehow, you find yourself at the next gas station and you are able to top up.
I do know as a matter of fact that dry spells and detours and drifts do come at us on this journey to dream land. I do know that some of those valleys can be so low that climbing out seems like an impossible feat, but you know what I also know? I also know that no matter what happens, even if your car does run out of fuel completely, help is not far from you. The one who put the dream in your heart knows what it will take to make it a reality and sometimes the drifts, the valleys and the detours strengthen us or even take us to the support that we require.
The key is to ask ‘to what end?’ because as I do know, none of us started out for the heck of it, and whether things are great right now or not, answering the question does help us see a little more clearly.
I know you feel like ‘Adrifta’ right now, but don’t give up because I mean you had a reason for starting right? That is the point. You will make it NeverTheless… I promise you will.
Here is to your success!

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