Quite a number of people are pushing dreams that are not original to them, therefore they get really frustrated. We must realise that even though God gives us dreams, their fulfilment only depend on our working it out.  Every dream takes both a sense of ownership and stewardship to birth. It is not enough for us to have a dream, we must also take responsibility for it and understand that we are accountable to the One who put the dream inside of us – God.

Is your dream original to you? Have you taken ownership of it? Do you have the commitment required to birth it? Do you also realise that you are accountable to someone greater than you for it?

Join me as I examine  stewardship and ownership and how every dreamer needs to take ownership and be a steward of what’s been committed into his hand.

On today’s Show, you will:

• Discover priceless truths about ownership and stewardship.
• Realise that your dream is an extension of you.
• Understand that you cannot deliver or make anything out of a dream you do not own or take responsibility for.
• Discern how to take responsibility for your dream and be a good steward of other’s dreams.
• Recognise the difference between conviction and commitment.
• Learn how to stay committed and motivated towards your dream without waiting on others to motivate you.
• Learn about the three different wrong mindsets or approaches to stewardship and service.
• Get insight on how to recognise people who have taken ownership for their dream.

In the end, when you take ownership of what you’ve been given, then can you make something out of it and in making something of it, you gain clarity about the direction you should go.

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