It is June already? Where did all the days go? An all too familiar question I am sure, but as someone chasing a dream thinking about the month of June, and the fact that it is six months into 2013 has made me stop to catch my breath, because honestly, where did the days go? Knowing I will never find a satisfactory answer for how the days have literarily zapped by; I settle for Appraisals.

Now like the days I am unable to account for, appraisals are for me if I can to be avoided with everything within me. Simple reason is because it is in the face of honest appraisals that you begin to see everything that you had deliberately buried your head in the sand and decided not to see all this while.
No matter how long like the ostrich I will rather bury my head in the sand; there comes a day of reckoning and for me June 2013 is that day where I have chosen to stop running but to look at my operations honestly over the years and tell myself some truth.

Usually, we have all kinds of reasons why things have been the way they were, the economic melt-down, the downward trend in business transactions and so on… and these are valid excuses for why things are the way they are; the only snag is that they are just that; excuses.

Sustaining a dream is extremely hard work and most of the time the Visioneer is the last person who wants to appraise and see if for sure what he or she is doing makes sense in concrete terms. That is why we are called dreamers; we have idealistic views of how our dreams will turn out – eventually. So we keep doing what it is we are doing refusing to appraise, hoping against hope that soon the tide will turn in our favour.

Now this approach is not altogether a bad thing if you consider the fact that; at least for me; this is the tenacity of a die-hard dreamer that I am. So not looking at the bottom line and burying my head in the sand has its advantage; it is my statement of commitment to this dream no matter what. But the thing is now, the dream is no longer about me alone – I have become responsible for others and watching the bottom line has become imperative so I can remain responsible to them.

So this June, I am appraising – I am definitely not excited with the appraisal so far, but it is needful if I will remain here pushing this dream for another five years and beyond. I know the last thing you want to do is appraise your own operations right now. But as I am coming to find out, this is better done now than later.

Check under the hood of your business; if you are a true dreamer you are most likely not going to like what you will find, but at least when you understand the reality you can begin to make adjustments. So I am making adjustments; painful adjustments, but adjustments that I must make. I will ask for help where I require help and I will swallow the pill even where it is bitter and my motivation will be so that in another five years we will still be here and we will be stronger than we are today.

So do you want to look beyond the surface of your dream? Passion makes us do crazy things and we all run on passion for a while; then the time comes to try running the way we were meant to run.

That is the point for my appraisal people… it takes courage and I hope you find some to push your own dream.

Here is to your success

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