A few years ago, someone said something to me that got me worked up because, first and foremost, it wasn’t the truth and I felt betrayed and mistreated.  Before I realised what was happening, I not only found myself trying to disprove them,  I also became suspicious of others and in that same breathe felt the need to be careful around people.

The truth is this person wronged me and for no just cause, the truth is, they hurt me in the process; however, the problem was with them and not with me.  But because I was hurting and I had decided that they had come to get me, I inadvertently declared a war of sorts on everyone and that was my folly.

As I continued on this war path, most of my allies were confused and the others irritated because they didn’t understand why I spent so much time on something I could so easily have walked away from!  But remember, I was hurting and hurting people struggle to be rational.  It was in this mess that God spoke, He said “Bidemi, don’t let them”.  Don’t let them? Isn’t it too late for that? They already hurt me, I wept.

He answered and said, “No, they tried to hurt you, it is because you let them that you are hurting and more importantly,  because you let them you are distracted from what I had called you to and you are heading fast for isolation!”

That day, I learnt that as a child of God,  I must be careful what battles I fight. That someone spoke out of their ignorance or malice is not why I should give them the power to affect other relationships that God had blessed me with.  I think we miss the point when we join issues on social media and other places with dysfunctional people, headed no where but to satisfy their bloated egos.

I find that when we join issues with attention seekers, we shift focus from what is important.  All the time you spend in rejoinders and responses to them is time you can use wisely to build a stronger presence for your Super Power. We don’t need to defend ourselves, that you don’t agree with me doesn’t make me less a person nor does it negate what I do.

As Nehemiah said, “we are so busy building the wall that we cannot come down and argue with you!” If you truly want to make impact, step away from the controversy, focus on what has been committed into your hands. I promise, there is no better response at this time than to excel in your assignment.

The enemy is on the prowl,  and he has deployed distraction as a weapon. Don’t be caught in the web of his wickedness.  Don’t let them!

Step back, tell them you are too busy, become the best of you and that will be more than enough answer to them.

Don’t let them!
Embrace your Super Power,

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