I heard this story a long time ago and while I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity it does help illustrate the point of today’s learning.
It is told that there was a man who had a small head, what some people will call ‘egg head’ and the size of his head made him the butt of so many jokes that he questioned why he had that size of head. Everywhere he went people made jest of him and I can imagine that it couldn’t have been easy for him growing up. However, he did grow up and started to work.
One day he was traveling for work when the vehicle he was in got in a really bad crash. Most of the people in the vehicle died and fortunately for him he didn’t die but he was trapped in the mangle that was left of the vehicle and couldn’t come out. Rescuers who came didn’t have the right tools to pry the mangled vehicle open for him to find somewhere large enough to take his frame – just a really tiny opening did they find.
After trying for a really long time someone suggested that he tried to stick his head through the opening that was found. The idea was that if his head could go through then all he needed to do was to keep moving his body at an angle and with time all of him will come through that tiny opening. A lot of people didn’t think anyone’s head would be able to go through the crack. However, this man did have a small head remember, so he tried and after a few tries his head did come through the opening and as he continued to move his body at an angle the rest of him came through and that was how his life was saved.
By the time he got out of that situation, the man rather than think about his head as a curse started to see it as a blessing; because had his head been any bigger, he would have not been able to pull through the opening.
For me the moral of this story is that perspective matters and not everything is as it seems. Today I want to encourage us to take a look at all that we have and are and see if we can recognise our advantage. Everywhere you look depending on what your perspective is; you can either see opportunities or see challenges. Some look down the street and see a filthy neighbourhood; others look down the very same street and see a business opportunity. Same thing; different perspective.
Growing up I was told that I talked too much, today, that same ability to talk has become a major part of my life work. So think about it; what if what you are looking at is not as important as how you are looking at it? What if how you see yourself is more important than how others see you? What if your gift or innate ability is not as ordinary as you think? What if what looks like a disadvantage is the foundation of your wealth? What if…?
How do you see yourself that needs to change today? How did you arrive at the conclusion that you are not good enough? How did you know that you won’t succeed doing that? Who told you that your skill is not marketable?
Assumptions; Perspectives and Mindsets. All parts of the same coin, some healthy some very deadly.
Do you know your advantage?
Your advantage is hidden in your identity, who are you? You will make it NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success!

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