“Service is the rent we pay for living” – Author Unknown

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That will not be the case if you know the purpose of that power committed into your hands.  However, it is clear that not everyone knows the purpose of power. So, think for a minute; do you know what your power is for?

When purpose is not known, we’ve been told that abuse is inevitable.  Today’s show addresses questions like; Why do people abuse or misuse power?  What is the true source of power? Is power a privilege or a responsibility?

Today’s show will help you understand that:

  • Power is given for service,  and when that is known, the tendency to abuse it will be less.
  • To be able to process and deploy your power well, you must know the source of power.
  • Power is a tool for change, for service and to represent God well on earth.
  • When we represent God well, we establish righteousness, bring down the kingdom and dispossess the devil of his power and works on earth.
  • In order not to abuse power, you should never be disconnected from your source.
  • When you stay connected you can empower others.
  • To keep your relationship with God nurtured and serviced so He remains your true source of power.
  • Reward is good, but you don’t be driven by reward in deploying your power.

After all is said and done, you need to ensure that what God has empowered you for is used to serve others, which is only way to ensure that it doesn’t get dried up.

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