I was meant to post this yesterday, but by the time I got to my end of the day, I was too drained to get it done.  What drained me this badly? You may ask. Well, it was a meeting and conversation with some of my team members reviewing what we do, what we need to do and how we will get it done.

At some point during the conversation, one of them said to me “Ma; you do so many things, maybe we need to cut down the number of what you do”.  She just joined us, and I can understand the overwhelm she was feeling because I was feeling it as well.  Even though we agreed eventually, that cutting down the number of things we do isn’t the right solution but to ask God for the right team of people who will put their heart and head to the work, I could not stop considering what I should cut.

The enormity and pressure that comes with the things that I do almost cause me to panic. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself with an axe at the root of trees, and I was contemplating which one of them to cut.  That was the state in which I fell asleep.  By the time I woke up, I had a revelation; I felt God was asking me to take another look at the trees I was proposing to cut.  The question He then asked me was; “Will you cut down a fruitful tree?’.  Of course, my answer was no; the next question was “Why not?”  My answer was because it is because of the fruit that the tree was planted in the first place.

At this point it hit me; the solution to cut down a perfectly good tree was the solution I was proposing out of a weak place.  No doubt the work is daunting sometimes, no doubt life will be easier if I only had to contend with fewer things, but the reality still is that every tree here is producing and it is producing good fruits.  It, therefore, is counter-productive to cut the tree.

At that point, I decided, I will not be cutting down a good tree for any reason, I will most definitely need to tweak how I am watching my garden and tending it but no good trees will be going down.

The question then is what will I do differently?  Well, I am still working on that one, if you join me on Friday on the NeverTheLess Show, I will tell you what to do about your fruitful but overwhelming tree.

Till then, it is important for you to remember that others are pushing and pulling teeth to be able to produce, so while you are feeling the overwhelm, recognise that not every tree produces, which means that cutting yours will be a mistake.

Do you need help RESETTING YOUR LIFE?  Or do you simply want someone to stand with you until it is done? You can send me a message in the comment box below or on my Facebook page.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Embrace Your SuperPower!


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  1. Whao! Awesome! Used this as a check now. Glad to know that I did the right thing. This is an encouragement to keep on keeping on with the good and GODly works in our hands. May fresh strength for the journey be released to us all-Amen.

    Many thanks ma’am.

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