Do Not Be Afraid To Adjust

Welcome to another week. My prayer and decree for you is that the lines fall in pleasant places for you in all you do this week.

As last week rolled by, I started to think on how this journey all started and how far I have come in that time.  It felt like someone played for me a clip of my life on this journey and there was a lot to be grateful for. But then there was this one clip I couldn’t shake off, it was of me announcing how sure I was that in all I do and will do, there was something I would never do.  I was very vehement of the fact that I would not do it, had no desire whatsoever to do it and really didn’t care much for it… and for a long time it was my confidence and it was my announcement. But that was until recently, when everything changed on me and it seemed like it crept up on me.  I was surprised to say the least. However,  upon settling down after throwing my tantrums on how I couldn’t,  I realised that this was always in the cards even if I didnt and couldn’t see it.

My big lesson today therefore, is to remind you to make room for the sovereign.  Don’t assume and presume that you know the full extent of your journey just because you understand the stage you are at.  The journey to embrace your Super Power evolves and some times without visible warning signs that the tide is about to change. The landscape will change not only according to what you have said but more by what is required and you have been prepared for.

As you step out this week, be very certain of the steps you need to take today but please please be open to the shift that may happen simply because you have been prepared, ready and there is a need.

So how did I deal with my issue?  I adjusted my attitude.  I realised that even though I felt completely blindsided,  that wasn’t the case.  That I didn’t know didn’t mean that it wasn’t the plan.  Maybe I didn’t know because I was not open to knowing or maybe I didn’t know because the one who has deployed me is Soveriegn and didn’t need my permission to deploy His troops. Whatever the case was, I had to adjust my attitude.  I began to truly see that while this new is uncomfortable and scary, it is also a privilege to be given an opportunity such as this one.

What are you absolutely sure about? What is uncomfortable but you know you can do if you rely on your Boss?  Make the adjustment in attitude that is required and step up to the plate.  You are the answer for the NOW, go do your best, after all, that is all that is required.

Embrace your Super Power


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