Welcome, last Monday’s post has had me answering the question; what could have been missing from the Design of the fast food restaurant that I wrote about? How can we avoid making that same mistake?
When we started to push the dream that today is Verbatim Communications, we had a module in mind, we had said even from the point of registering the business that we will do certain kinds of business alone. I didn’t want us to be what you will call a jack of all trade master of none. I wanted us to be known for particular things, and I wanted us to be able to do them well.
Fast forward five years later of running and expanding organically as we went along… It began to dawn on me that there were aspects of the company that fit the PURPOSE we had in mind, even though we had not explored all of their potential. Just like there is another aspect which even though it is clear can become a money spinner, just doesn’t seem to align with the Purpose we set out to achieve with the business.
In my opinion, therefore, one of the things that every dream must consider and design around are PURPOSE. The question then is, what does purpose mean within this context? For me Purpose for Verbatim Communications will be the WHY of Verbatim. Not what Verbatim does, but why Verbatim does what she does.
Most dreamers embark upon a business expression of their dream because they are gifted to do; others because they need to earn a living and yet others because they believe that their dream is an answer to the question that another person’s life is. It is those dreamers who recognise that the WHY of their dream is greater than them, who will fight and go the extra mile to keep what they have designed and built.
If we don’t build with PURPOSE in mind, when we arrive at the place that every dreamer must arrive at some day; that place where we need to have a ‘sitdown’ with ourselves and answer some tough questions, the tendency is that we will give up. The restaurant probably wouldn’t have folded so fast, if the owner built it upon a Purpose value greater than money.
Every design, must match the purpose for which it was created or else the life span will be extremely short. Question then is; ” how does one discern his dream’s purpose?” Well, for me the answer is simple; simply look to the purpose value of individual (s) working and living the dream.
It really doesn’t matter what stage you are right now; You can still go back to the design stage after all you are the architect of your own vision. This one thing I also know, wherever you are at, you will make it NeverTheLess. It is in your DNA; that is why I can tell that you will make it. NeverTheLess.
Here is to your success.

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