Have you ever wondered why some relationships last longer than others?  Do you wish you can tell who is who amongst those around you, so you can deal with them accordingly?

I take a look at the issue of those around us, who believe in our cause(s) but do not believe in us.  They are usually very excited when they join us and promise heaven and earth but as time progresses we begin to notice a lull and ultimately a drift altogether. 

When this happens our first instinct is usually; ‘what did I do wrong?’ The truth is…nothing!  The drift has happened because while they were into your cause, they were not into YOU.  Question therefore is; how does one deal with this to avoid it’s attendant pain and discomfort?

In this podcast, you will learn:

• Learn that some people play a part in your dream, not necessarily a major role.
• Understand and discern why they are in your life
• Get to know how to handle or transact in such relationships
• Learn a few tips on how you can put these relationships to the test
• Learn to manage the relationships and get the best out of it.

For a text of this podcast, please download transcript here.  I will also love to hear from you, please leave me a comment or send me a message on my Facebook Page.

Till next week

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  1. Thank you so much ma’am. What an Eye-opener.
    About how my week was? Huhhh. Very similar to yours…in fact my days have bn like that. Can’t wait to scale through this phase of my life.

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