If we will succeed on this journey to become who we were always meant to be, we will need all the help we can find. The third category of people we find around us even though very rare and scarce are Confidants. These are people who believe in you and push you forward. Their purpose or assignment in your life is to add great value to you. They are not interest-driven, neither are they cause-driven. Simply put, they are into you!

I have heard it said that any man who has five of them in his lifetime is exceptionally blessed. Because Confidants are so hard to come by it is extremely important that when we find them, we do our best to nurture the relationship and ensure we do right by them. By learning how to discern such relationships and cultivate them.

In this podcast, you will also:

• Learn to identify who your confidants are.
• Learn that you can have different confidants for different areas and seasons of your life
• Recognise their roles and how to deal with them
• Discover the three C’s for identifying or putting Confidants to test.
• Recognise the characteristics of true Confidants
• Understand that Confidants can show up anytime in your life but may not come from where you think.

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Till next week.

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  1. Good to know yu have your voice back ma’am. I always read d transcript so I didn’t notice.
    I was struggling to keep still while reading this because even though I haven’t met all my confidants in life, I know how important they are cos I’ve bn in situations where that was all I needed. I thank God for yu, Phildoris Nkechi, you may never get to see ds comment but I just have ds strong feeling that like David n Jonathan, our souls are intertwined. And of course my mum. And my friend, Hadassah.
    Looking forward to d next episode.

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