Have you ever wondered what it will be like to be asked by God to return what He had called you to Him not because you are not good at it but simply because you have made a success of it?  We run with Purpose like it is our birthright and it is, however, because our employer and boss doesn’t think the way we do, He can demand we return that which we are given mid way.

I have thought through this and I promise you that I know I will require an huge attitude adjustment to obey Him in that way, but I do know it is a possibility and I am hoping you will take time to consider it too and be prepared for it should it happen to you.  What adjustment do I require should this happen to me?

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If You Want Change Then Watch Your Pattern


It is with keen interest that I have observed happenings around our nation and politics since this political dispensation shifted into high gear.

It is with some trepidation that I have followed the news about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s unfortunate hospitalisation and every drama that has trailed that news.

As I have watched some other just as prominent or less prominent happenings around the world and around me, I cannot help but think about the word ‘Patterns’.

What is a pattern? Dictionary defines pattern as a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done. Pattern has synonyms like: system, order, arrangement, method, sequence, structure, scheme, plan, form…

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Last week, the news of the death of someone I wish I had the privilege of meeting broke. It started with a Facebook post by one of my friends, then a Blackberry message by yet another friend and by the end of the week, a telephone conversation with one of my Sistas. What was the subject of these different messages?

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Hi and welcome to NeverTheLess.
It is my belief that regardless of what we might face and deal with, God is faithful to ensure we find light at the end of our tunnel.
Like I mentioned last week, there are some very exciting changes coming to this page. First, I will do my best to post twice a week, starting this week.

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Happy New Year.
I know it has been a while I have posted anything here. Life happened with me travelling and then returning to try to implement new learning. I had hoped that by the time I blogged or posted anything here it would be on the new face of my website but alas, man proposes and…

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“My goal is to create authentic, insightful relevant content using the learning from my every day journey and growth.”

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Welcome to a brand new week with brand new opportunities to do more and be more.
In one of my posts a few weeks ago; ‘What does Opportunity Look Like’? I defined opportunity as being in God’s place, in God’s time, following God’s instructions to bring about God’s results. This post has continued to generate a lot of feedback from readers and listeners alike. One of the most popular questions in the feedback is; ‘How Do I recognise Opportunity?’

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Welcome, please note that today’s post is a tad long, so I enjoin you to please stay with me till the end and I promise you will be glad you did.
Have you ever heard the expression ‘ignorance is bliss’? Well, now you have. Let me ask you a question then; ‘what comes to your mind when you hear it said’?

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