What if you knew that everything would turn out well?

What if you wake up tomorrow to discover that those things you so badly want are in possession?

What if your hair grew; or you became the CEO; or you got the desired physique you wanted; or you got that bank alert?

Just what if? Would you be happier? Would you smile more? Would you treat people better and become more patient?


Why pause your joy and peace of mind just because certain events are yet to occur?

Why become so grumpy and ungrateful, simply because you haven’t gotten the things you desire?

I know I may be bombarding you with questions this beautiful afternoon, but let me ask you one more, what if you knew that sometimes, what we need is not more stuff or bigger achievements, but an outlook of gratitude.

Today, I want you to flip your perspective, rather than focus on the things you do not YET have, focus on the things you do have. At the risk of sounding cliché, I will like to remind you that the fact that you have life is enough reason to be grateful.

It is so easy to think or feel like you have nothing to be grateful for but this is not true. Every day presents us with reasons to be thankful. Now, this does not mean that we must not strive to become and to have more, we should; for it is in our work to get better that we release our essence for the benefit of the world. But this does mean that we should place value on what we have and who we are in the present.

Noticing the little, seemingly insignificant things and being grateful for them is a great practice. It is those little things that make big differences. Imagine not being able to use the rest room without help or chew food easily, doesn’t look good, does it? We must be grateful.

So, let’s do this exercise together, on a note pad, write at least 10 little things you have that you are grateful for. Keep this list in a conspicuous area in your room and take a look at it everyday till the year ends. I’m sure that it will cause a gratitude revolution in your mind and life.

Till we meet again next week.


Embrace your Super Power,


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When people come across you doing your best to live your dreams and maybe succeeding at it.  They want your hands in their pie too, before you know what you are doing in… you have a life so busy it makes you almost cry.  If that is the case you can take your life back and simply walk out of what you had committed to.

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Welcome to Episode 4 of Destiny Adventures with BMM. In this episode I explain what DNA means and give tips on how to discover your God-given DNA. We take a look at how our Gifts, Past Experiences and Passions intersect to give us discernment and direction for what we are peculiarly called to achieve. (more…)

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Last week, the news of the death of someone I wish I had the privilege of meeting broke. It started with a Facebook post by one of my friends, then a Blackberry message by yet another friend and by the end of the week, a telephone conversation with one of my Sistas. What was the subject of these different messages?

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Hi and welcome to NeverTheLess.
It is my belief that regardless of what we might face and deal with, God is faithful to ensure we find light at the end of our tunnel.
Like I mentioned last week, there are some very exciting changes coming to this page. First, I will do my best to post twice a week, starting this week.

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Happy New Year.
I know it has been a while I have posted anything here. Life happened with me travelling and then returning to try to implement new learning. I had hoped that by the time I blogged or posted anything here it would be on the new face of my website but alas, man proposes and…

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“My goal is to create authentic, insightful relevant content using the learning from my every day journey and growth.”

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Welcome to another week of growth and empowerment? Our question of the week is ‘What is Stopping You?’
Recently I got in a conversation with someone who told me the reason she has not started anything is because she feels that everything she could have wanted to do has been done by someone else before. In other words, until she is able to come up with an idea no one else has even thought of or pushed, then she will not following her dream of becoming an Organic Leader and Leaderpreneur.

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