The season we’re currently in is one of the most complex of seasons because it is filled with so many activities. On one hand, we’re gradually winding down and wrapping things up for the year and on the other hand, we revving up for the New Year. Things cannot be any more complex than that, can it? So much is going on and if you’re not careful, you’ll get swept away by the tide of activities and forget what is important to you, especially in this season.

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A few years ago, someone said something to me that got me worked up because, first and foremost, it wasn’t the truth and I felt betrayed and mistreated.  Before I realised what was happening, I not only found myself trying to disprove them,  I also became suspicious of others and in that same breathe felt the need to be careful around people.

The truth is this person wronged me and for no just cause, the truth is, they hurt me in the process; however, the problem was with them and not with me.  But because I was hurting and I had decided that they had come to get me, I inadvertently declared a war of sorts on everyone and that was my folly.

As I continued on this war path, most of my allies were confused and the others irritated because they didn’t understand why I spent so much time on something I could so easily have walked away from!  But remember, I was hurting and hurting people struggle to be rational.  It was in this mess that God spoke, He said “Bidemi, don’t let them”.  Don’t let them? Isn’t it too late for that? They already hurt me, I wept.

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To be able to win once in a while is a joy because not so many people win at all.  However, consistency in any endeavour is how masters are differentiated from amateurs.  What makes one a master of an art and the other an amateur is found not in secrets but in the principles they master and transact or live by.

While I will readily agree that not everyone is ‘genius’ to win every single time, we all can learn the art and science of winning consistently.  The question I seek to answer today is; ‘How do we build capacity for a consistent win?’  I have outlined below seven things that every potential master must imbibe and exhibit.  Here is how…

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A Crucible moment is a situation of severe trial or in which different elements interact leading to the creation of something new.  Every time a person goes through a crucible moment in life, it is pertinent to recognise quickly that the moment has the potential to elevate that life or cripple it forever. What determines which way the axe will swing is how the individual reacts to the crucible; punishment or advantage.

Some people have the honour to go through a crucible so huge that regardless of how they respond their lives are changed and so are the lives of all that are connected to them.  However, for most of us, crucibles happen in small doses over time and as are resulted can even go unnoticed by the one facing them. 

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Recently, I was having a conversation with someone, and while it was intense, it was meant to clarify the journey for both of us.  As the conversation progressed, I kept hearing her say ‘that is my truth.’  At first, the line registered as ‘that is the truth,’ which meant I responded by saying it wasn’t the truth.  Each time, I countered to say, it wasn’t the truth; she got a bit more upset, and she pushed harder to register her opinion. The vehemence with which she did, made me keep quiet to really hear her.

That was then it dawned on me that she wasn’t talking to me about the truth, she was talking to me about her truth.  I had to stop and listen more intently, and I realised that she wasn’t keen on The Truth but Her Truth.  This conversation highlighted for me something that I had always known but not paid attention to lately, which was that every side had a version of the truth depending on what they faced or their perspective.

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I get asked a lot why I would dedicate my life to one word; PURPOSE.  My answer is usually captured in the fact that we have been put on earth to solve problems and provide solutions; there is no greater motivation for man to do this than realising that it is not a choice but a MANDATE.

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“Service is the rent we pay for living” – Author Unknown

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That will not be the case if you know the purpose of that power committed into your hands.  However, it is clear that not everyone knows the purpose of power. So, think for a minute; do you know what your power is for?

When purpose is not known, we’ve been told that abuse is inevitable.  Today’s show addresses questions like; Why do people abuse or misuse power?  What is the true source of power? Is power a privilege or a responsibility?

Today’s show will help you understand that:

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As children we all had dreams as soon as we could think and figure a few things out.  With time most of them became day dreams and others took on a life of their own that led to great feats and achievements.  Consequently, some of us became very successful.  The problem is despite all that success and the fact that when we attend our reunions everyone is impressed by us, we are not impressed by us.

We are not impressed because we realise that despite all that we have achieved and done there still exists a hole within us.  Dreams are great, but sometimes they are the reason we never fulfill purpose.

It is time to take the test, ask yourself, is my dream killing my purpose?

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