This is the palm of my hand, no, I am not looking for palm readers. You see that black mark? I didn’t artificially put it there to ask for help I was born with it. It is something that is unique to me and since I was young I have always loved the fact that of the many children my father had, no one else has this mark in their palm.

Recently, I took a look at this mark again, and I realised that for me it has become a reminder that I am different, unique and well… Me. Nobody else is me, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am better than anyone, but it does say to me that I am special. This is why I can’t be in competition with anyone, I can only do what I can do and be who I am.

This mark also reminds me I have a responsibility to myself first to deliver on all that I have been endowed with. This mark confirms to me that my super power is real and it is mine therefore no ‘faffing” around.
Above all, this mark confirms to me that I am inscribed in the palm of His hand and if this tiny mark can hold so much for me, my name in the palm of His hand should do much more…I am therefore convinced that I am not forgotten. No, I am not.

You may not have a mark in your palm, but you definitely have something that is exclusively yours. Own it, enjoy it and be responsible to and for it.

As you begin your day and week, be reminded that you, yes you are inscribed in the palm in the palm of His hand and He knows your name and can never forget you!

Welcome to a brand new week. You matter, yes, you do.

Embrace your Super Power


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It has been two weeks again, and I just could not post… I am extremely busy and my busy is different.  My busy has to do with the time I spend to prepare and since I am a teacher by calling and I teach every single day, hours and hours of my nights are spent ensuring that I am ready for my tasks during the day.  Translation; once I am done for the day, the last thing I want to do is blog.  Yes, I said it, and it is MY TRUTH!

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I have a habit, and I have been told it is a bad one; I don’t listen to the news.  I don’t listen to the news because the last time I checked, it is bad, sad, angry or frustrating news back to back.  Suddenly, it seems like our world is predominantly bad and finding good in it is like looking for a needle in a haystack…however, I am personally determined that every time you take a look at the world, and you look in my direction, you will always find good.  Thankfully, I am not the only one who is this determined; I know some other people who have made this commitment too.

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Welcome to another great week.  Have you heard the news? It is December already!!! Yes, the dreaded December that is indicative that time has practically run out on us for the year 2016.  The thing is if you are observant, you don’t need a calendar to tell that the year is coming to an end.  How do I mean?

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Hi guys

Blogging has almost become alien to this site.  I will be the first to tell you that not blogging was not a decision that I made consciously and still isn’t one I want to make.  However, life happened and I saw myself not blogging for several weeks and finally a pattern that I am ashamed to say is mine evolved.

That said, I will like to make the commitment one more time to say I will do better, and quickly follow up with the fact that this time, I am working on a plan that I will commit to so it might work.

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Last week, the news of the death of someone I wish I had the privilege of meeting broke. It started with a Facebook post by one of my friends, then a Blackberry message by yet another friend and by the end of the week, a telephone conversation with one of my Sistas. What was the subject of these different messages?

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Happy New Year.
I know it has been a while I have posted anything here. Life happened with me travelling and then returning to try to implement new learning. I had hoped that by the time I blogged or posted anything here it would be on the new face of my website but alas, man proposes and…

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“My goal is to create authentic, insightful relevant content using the learning from my every day journey and growth.”

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