There are so many advantages to starting small but the whole idea is to keep growing, especially as you learn with the growth you experience.  With this growth, it is expected that you move up. While starting small is ideal, staying in the same pond when you grow into a big fish is uncomfortable at best but ultimately deadly.

You don’t want to become a deformed fish who has taken the shape of the pond.

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The dream life is not a bed of roses. Things happen as you try to push your dream. Sometimes we get stuck halfway through or completely reach a dead end. When this happens, our reaction or response is just as critical as what we do.

So what will your response be? Will you give up or continue to push your dreams? In pushing what is your best considered option?  Adaption, Course Redirection or Course Correction?  Whichever, works for you; the most important decision today is to decide that you will stick with the journey regardless.  Make that decision NOW!

Today’s show will open your eyes to the reality of messy middle in the journey of life and prepare you to make intelligent decisions at such times. On today’s show, you will:

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The Danger of Low Expectations (Podcast)

Low expectation or no expectation at all is a limiting factor in fulfilling destiny. People who suffer from low expectations don’t expect much from themselves or others around them so they coast through life with no drive or goals. Consequently, they fall short in pursuing and achieving  potential.

Dream chasers or people who want to discover their purpose and live powerful lives on the other hand, are those who have great expectations from and about themselves. There is always more to them because they keep their hopes high.

Today’s show is dedicated to those who will not give up on themselves or their dreams because the world asked them to, but will keep pushing and dreaming because they have great expectations!

What areas of your life are you living in low expectation? It’s time to raise the bar!

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Everyone who has a dream or is pursuing one, needs an enabling environment to nurture the dream. What we hear, see or surround ourselves with daily have a way of impacting on the way we live and the dreams we hope to achieve.  The Law of Surround is critical and it can be applied on four different planes – Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Relational. Do a quick check and observe what you are surrounded with and change if you need to.

Does your mind say it is possible?  If not it is time to change your mental surround.  Does your physical location offer you the opportunity to grow? What about your associations, do they model your future? What is your spiritual surround like?  Is it enabling or fearful? Do you have a WORD? 

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“The secret of surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep, because every hand is a winner and every hand is a loser.” – Kenny Rogers (Gambler)

Life is full of pressures; there is so much we are expected to do – from the daily hustle and bustle of living to the constant demand of family, academics, business and relationships. How then do we achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams?  One key is to know those things that only you can do in moving your dream forward and if you want to go far you need to focus on them.
Everyone is optimised to win in life just as we are all resourced in our DNA to be successful. What we do with that resource determines whether we succeed or not. Whether a parent, a business executive or craftsman, you must know when to hold on and when to fold up. It is important to learn to give priority to the things that matter in every season!

Today’s show will help you:

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Quite a number of people are pushing dreams that are not original to them, therefore they get really frustrated. We must realise that even though God gives us dreams, their fulfilment only depend on our working it out.  Every dream takes both a sense of ownership and stewardship to birth. It is not enough for us to have a dream, we must also take responsibility for it and understand that we are accountable to the One who put the dream inside of us – God.

Is your dream original to you? Have you taken ownership of it? Do you have the commitment required to birth it? Do you also realise that you are accountable to someone greater than you for it?

Join me as I examine  stewardship and ownership and how every dreamer needs to take ownership and be a steward of what’s been committed into his hand.

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To be able to deliver at the best level of our lives, one of the things we must seek to know is God’s original intent for us. What was God thinking when He was forming you? Even though we may chance upon success once in a while, most people who make it to destiny or fulfill God’s mandate for their lives are those who discover their original intent and deliberately go after it.

God is our Creator and he has a manual for why he’s created each and everyone of us. He’s given everyone equal opportunities, depending on what He’s called us to be and do. We may not have the same status, level of education or background, but we’ve been gifted with something in our individual DNAs that will help us actualise God’s dream for us.

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“The whole world is a narrow bridge. The important thing is to have no fear”. Hasidic Master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Have you ever set a big goal then you suddenly became afraid or start to doubt if you could really achieve it? I have been there several times. Whether we like it or not, fear is a part of life and its only objective is to cripple and stop us from achieving our desired goals. We have the choice to either allow it hold us down or spur us to succeed.

For most of us, fear presents differently and can be difficult to discern.  Do you know how your fear presents?

Fear is a clear and present danger to every goal and the journey to destiny. Whether in business or in our daily lives, there comes a time when we need to decide to continue or go beyond our fears regardless of what we think might happen. Amazingly, most of the time, we are stronger than we think we are and what is before us isn’t as difficult as it seems.

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