The Root and The Rock

I have an image in my head that I can’t shake off; It is the image of a taproot determined to find water. In my head, it sets out on this journey and for the first few months the only word to describe its progress is Acceleration. But that was until… It hit its first rock!

The initial reaction of the root to this rock is surprise, then there is a bit of bewilderment, trying to understand what just happened. Ultimately the root figures it out, it was just a rock so it determines to continue the journey. The root announces that this is just a snag and that growth will continue soon, but soon it realizes that the rock isn’t moving from its way and that means the root needs to find another path to water.

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For External Use Only

…Have you ever come across this inscription on products? We can see them on products like creams, hand sanitizers, perfumes, e.t.c. Products whose assignments are strictly for the outer part of the body. They are not supposed to be ingested or swallowed for whatever reason. These products, though designed to aid human life and even add aesthetic value, cause major damages (including death) once ingested. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about how to use creams or perfumes today. However, I want to draw your attention to the fact that some life experiences are meant for external use only, they are not meant to be ingested and taken to heart. You see, some experiences are designed to help us get further, redirect our steps/focus or cause us to go harder after whatever it is we’re pursuing. But once taken to heart, they have the potency to produce things like bitterness, self doubt, hatred, greed and all sorts of vices.

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Capacity: The maximum amount that something can produce.

A few years ago, I got fed up with some of the work I was doing. It seemed like we were at a place where the harder we worked, the less we produced. Taking a closer look, I realized that while we were going through the motions of doing what we should be doing, people were distracted and others just didn’t have the urge to push. If it were a volunteer system, while it would have been upsetting, it might not have been as painful as it was for me. But it wasn’t, this was a business and we were expending resources daily. As a matter of fact, expenses were at an all time high and this caused me pain. Looking at it, the only way to describe it is that I was burning my candle from both ends and something had to be done.

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2018 feels very stale already, or is it just me?  Welcome!

For quite some time now, I have had to follow hard on this journey 80% of the time not sure where I am headed.  Most people think of me as the queen of clarity but the truth is, while I am not confused about what I should be doing nor wonder if I am doing the right thing, because I know I am, I can not claim that I know what the day will bring or why.   The difficult part is not trying to discern what direction I am meant to travel.  The difficult part is despite the fact that I know where I am headed, I am never certain what will come up on the way.  It is kind of using a GPS, you can be sure that if the GPS is not broken it will navigate you to your destination.  Occasionally, it might even tell you that there is an unusual congestion along the way and suggest an alternative route, what it cannot tell you is what might have caused the delay or congestion you are likely to face.

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“Happy New Year Bidemi”


I deliberately didn’t send you any message yesterday because I didn’t want to be the Susie downer so early in your year… but I am aware it is kind of my responsibility to keep you ‘woke’. So… Welcome to 2018, your year of… I definitely don’t need to fill those blanks for you, I am aware that you have that together to the last detail!

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The season we’re currently in is one of the most complex of seasons because it is filled with so many activities. On one hand, we’re gradually winding down and wrapping things up for the year and on the other hand, we revving up for the New Year. Things cannot be any more complex than that, can it? So much is going on and if you’re not careful, you’ll get swept away by the tide of activities and forget what is important to you, especially in this season.

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What if you knew that everything would turn out well?

What if you wake up tomorrow to discover that those things you so badly want are in possession?

What if your hair grew; or you became the CEO; or you got the desired physique you wanted; or you got that bank alert?

Just what if? Would you be happier? Would you smile more? Would you treat people better and become more patient?


Why pause your joy and peace of mind just because certain events are yet to occur?

Why become so grumpy and ungrateful, simply because you haven’t gotten the things you desire?

I know I may be bombarding you with questions this beautiful afternoon, but let me ask you one more, what if you knew that sometimes, what we need is not more stuff or bigger achievements, but an outlook of gratitude.

Today, I want you to flip your perspective, rather than focus on the things you do not YET have, focus on the things you do have. At the risk of sounding cliché, I will like to remind you that the fact that you have life is enough reason to be grateful.

It is so easy to think or feel like you have nothing to be grateful for but this is not true. Every day presents us with reasons to be thankful. Now, this does not mean that we must not strive to become and to have more, we should; for it is in our work to get better that we release our essence for the benefit of the world. But this does mean that we should place value on what we have and who we are in the present.

Noticing the little, seemingly insignificant things and being grateful for them is a great practice. It is those little things that make big differences. Imagine not being able to use the rest room without help or chew food easily, doesn’t look good, does it? We must be grateful.

So, let’s do this exercise together, on a note pad, write at least 10 little things you have that you are grateful for. Keep this list in a conspicuous area in your room and take a look at it everyday till the year ends. I’m sure that it will cause a gratitude revolution in your mind and life.

Till we meet again next week.


Embrace your Super Power,


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Sounds a little odd right? I mean, I’m pretty sure the message hitting you from all corners on social media is that you need to start looking into 2018 and begin putting things in place in order to make it better than this year. Now, inasmuch as I agree with all these, they do not form the focus of this post today. If you’d like to get information about how to envision, plan for, work and have the life of your dreams next year, check out my posts from November. I wrote a whole series on that.

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