Lately, I have been feeling choked within my pond.  To be honest, I didn’t remember this show I had done a while ago until my Content Manager John, posted it on my Instagram handle.  I had to go back to listen to this show, and even I see why sometimes, success can be a bad thing.

Comfort zones are so…comforting that even when the pond is smaller than what we have the potential for we stick with it and find ways and nomenclature like promotion, expansion, next level to christen something that has outlived its season in your life.  If like me you are feeling the choke and the bile of fear, then let’s listen to this show together over and over and over.  It is helping me see that I cannot hold on to something that is clearly now my past and be able to make it into my future.

Hold on to my invisible hand, and I hold on to yours, as we both hold on to the God of Heaven who has ordained, planned and is able to execute.  Of course, not all chokes mean that your pond is small, but when that is the issue, you will be able to tell because others will tell you too.

Becoming a big fish is everyone’s dream, and that you have achieved that status, where you are, is a good thing, but if that is not all the capacity you have to grow and impact then, by all means, today is a good day to jump.  What is the worst that can happen?  His everlasting arms will catch you…Jump!

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